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This is the outline of an essay concerning Gerry Vassilatos' work, I will be editing the post over time.

Radiant Energy
Radiant Matter
Standing wave
Stationary wave
Very special Radiation
Black radiance
Human Aura
Human Energy
Human Atmosphere
Ganglial Vision
Electrostatic rays of induction
Zodaical light
Wyrd, web of wyrd
Ganzfeld phenomena
Eidetic Geocentrism
Sensitive, insensitive
Eidetic world
Alchemy, alchemist
St. George piercing the dragon with his iron staff
Aura motor
Device assisted remote viewing
Hieronymus machine
N Mixture
Electro cosmic culture
Optical contraction
Fata Morgana
Negative green
Disruptive Discharge
Fr. Athanasius Kircher
Thomas Henry Moray
Nikola Tesla
Sir William Crookes
Royal Raymond Rife
Eric Dollard
Gustav Le Bon
Baron Karl Von Reichenbach
George Starr White
Albert Abrams
Ruth Drown
Guyon Richards
George De La Warr
Thomas Galen Hieronymus
Malcolm Rae
Duncan Laurie
Sir Edward Bulwer Lyton
Thomas Townsend Brown
Wilhelm Reich
Maximilian Von Hel
Anton Mesmer
Luigi Galvani
Robert Fludd
Jacob Boheme
Serge Kahili King
Ernst Lehr
Philo Farnsworth
Max Freedom Long
Michael Theroux
Peter Lindemann
Tom J. Brown
Trevor Constable
Victor Schauberger
Clerk Backster
Peter Thompkins
Rupert Sheldrake
Russell Targ
(The other guy)
William Corliss
Antonio Meucci
Mahlon Lumis
Carl Jung
Michael Faraday
Charles Hoy Fort
Eidetic Geocentrism
Eidetic Space - The Ground of Being
Black waves
Haphazard Radionics
Radionic Machinery to Regulate Earth Venics
Recording Telluric Signals
Rediscovery of Vril
(Lost science chapters)
Earth Energy and Vocal Radio - Nathan Stubblefield
Borderland Visionary - The Life of William Crookes
The Broadcast Powet of Nikola Tesla
Drawing Usable Electrical Power from the Aurora Borealis
Induced Radioactivity by Solar Light
Intellectuals and Visionaries (Franklin Elsworth Clarke)
Meaning, Messages, and Signals (Franklin Elsworth Clarke)
Introduction to the Mysteries of Ground Radio
(Ground radio directions )
Firecraft, metaphor, and the Technological Society (Marion L. Daye)
Book review - Evolution of Forces & Evolution of Matter by Gustave Le Bon
HAARP with No Strings - What is the Ionospheric Research Project
'Charles Hoy Fort - Bibliomancer Extraordinaire' (Franklin Elsworth Clarke)
Other writings:
Vril Compendiums commentary 1-11
Captions in a vril Compendiums 1-11
Cold War patents commentary
Secrets of The Cold WarTechnology
Lost Science
Vril Compensium 1-11
Cold War patent collection
Areas of research:
Early radio and telegraphy, lighting rods
Military radio
Atomic research
Remote Viewing
Audio Tapes:
Earth Tones
Ray of Discovery 1 - Nikola Tesla
Ray of Discovery 2 - Medical Radionics
Ray of Discovery 3 - Royal Raymond Rife
Ray of Discovery 4 - Dark Satellites (unpublished)
Aura Motors
Tesla's New York
Borderlands visits Spacetime Laboratories with Preston Nichols

Audio Interviews:
(Cold War Secrets)
(Losing Science to Avarice)
(Nazi UFOs)
Aura compass
Ground radio
Device assisted remote viewing device
Telluric recording
Telluric signals into chemical preparations
Life events of note:
Contact with vril
10k hours in NY public library annex
End of public research
Supporting materials:
(Books and videos from researcher list)
Carlos Castenada 'Tensegrity' thesis
Electric Universe thesis
Space and Counterspace thesis
Konstantin Meyl vortex EM theory with dendritic charge/discharge
iva and aboriginal research

Od, Aura, Tesla, Eric Dollard, N-Rays

Long time, no post, but here goes.

Lots of very exciting things going on now.  We have managed to put together the overwhelming majority of Gerry Vassilatos' books and interviews and videos in a torrent ( ). We got GV's "Tesla's New York" up on the youtubes ( ) as well as his "Aura Motors" ( ).

I discovered Dean Baldwin and his Odic Energy research center and associated books ( ), which are a great resource for modern research on Reichenbach's Od.  His research echo's GVs on several fronts including the importance of direct ground contact or ferrous ground contact, the importance of a wet atmosphere for ground vril (Od) to escape the earth in concentration, the corresponding of vril phenomena with ancient sacred sites (e.g. dolmen), the close relationship between vril (Od) and consciousness (in particular of bilocational consciousness), various related atmospheric phenomena mostly as described in Corliss, the expressions of vril (Od) as tubes, spheres and, cold flames.  Very interestingly, Dean's book(s) include some pictures of aforementioned tubes.  Also, Dean describes the ability to view vril (Od) as a particular conscious state predicated upon several factors including 1) Low/no ambient photonic light, 2) an Odic POLARIZATION of the sensing instrument (e.g. eye, camera), 3) the presence of Od in concentration (e.g. at sacred site), 4) Personal biological predisposition.  Recall the prevalence of vril (Od) visual phenomena in Reichenbach's darkened room with dark-adapted vision, or within a Reich's ORAC with similarly dark-adapted vision.  (Also Blondlot and George Starr Whites low-photonic-light conditions for viewing N-Rays and the human aura, respectively) Also, GV's "Blackwaves" article in which the vril line was only visible at night, with a small incandescent light on in the foreground and a set of blinds (vetical or horizontal?) between the viewer and the vril line.  The requirement of the blinds at least conceptually supports the polarization character.  Dean also describes indications for the viewing of Od with non-retinal vision (_Eyeless Sight_  Jules Romains - I have not read this), which I mention only because GV mentions 'ganglial vision'.

Also, a tremendous volume of Eric Dollard's work has recently shown up on Facebook and YouTube in conjunction with an indiegogo fund to get Eric his most recent lab back. See .  Stay tuned, a substantial volume of texts referenced by Eric (bewley, steinmetz, jj thompson, macfarlane, etc.) and being collected and should soon be floating around the tubes.  In any case, it's really great to see Eric emerging from obscurity and again dispensing electrical wisdom.  Hopefully a couple thousand pages from now it will all make sense.

Also, discovered that Franklin Ellsworth Clarke and Marion Daye are 2 pseudonyms that GV used in the Journal of Borderland Science Research Foundation circa 1995, there are at least 3 more classic GV articles under these names.

As an aside, if you are reading this and you are aware of a way of directly viewing the vril matrix (web of wyrd, eidola, etc.), please let me know.  Especially if it works for you, even more so if it works for anyone.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Some other thoughts and updates: In the last handful of months I have chundered through the following on-topic books:

_Jacob Boehme: Essential Readings_, edited by Robin Waterfield

_Where Discovery Sparks Imagination: A Pictorial History of Radio and Electricity_ by John D. Jenkins

_The Chain of Life_ by W. Guyon Richards

_Neuroscience For Dummies_ by Frank Amthor (Professor, University of Alabama at Birmingham)

_Blueprint for Immortality: The Electric Patterns of Life_ by Harold Saxton Burr PhD (43 years on faculty of Yale University School of Medicine). (I have the whole thing scanned if anyone needs a copy)

_Secret Science Behind Miracles_ by Max Freedom Long (all about Huna, Aka)

_Robert Fludd: Essential Readings_, edited by William H. Huffman

_Psycheye: Self-Analytic Consciusness_ by Akhter Ahsen Ph.D., Eidetic Analysis Institute

"Eidetic: the Eidetic is a psychical visual image of unusual vividness. When this image is experienced in the mind, it is "seen" clearly like a movie image. This inner "seeing" is accompanied by pressure in the visual apparatus, and a definite change on consciousness. The eidetic image had the quality of remaining very constant, so that there is a long-term access to an important experience. The individual, being more open in this state, readily learns new emotional perspectives. Pronounced eye-DET-ic, the word is etymologically connected and associated with the Greek eidos, meaning form, and idein, meaning "to see"."


Also, here is a page on the importance of dendritic flow to life and other processes:

And here are some notes from said books, sorry about the ad hoc organization:


Borderlands 3rd q 1995 page 37
3 foot tall variable capacitor, and variable inductor +iron ground +diode and vacuum capacitor system 16mm bore Finial
Page 38 N-mixture Carbon, iron, manganese dioxide On glass or iron plate, then grounded via iron

Variable caps in series between ground and plate

Saw fixed discharge pattern, exceptionally complex, between branches in sky above me. White glow around leaves when looking past them.

Xenon light bulb


Biological communications Page 18 L George Lawrence

Felt interplanetary systems would communicate via 'eidetic imagery'


Page 666, sowilo melts inertia ______________

Secret science behind miracles Chapter 6, Page 2

Aka - shadowy Luminous extension away from the body or a halo of light around the moon or sun, or a circle of light extending from the moon or sun before it rises above the horizon. It sticks to anything we contact (even by hearing). Like touching fly paper with a finger and, when pulling finger away, a long fine thread of adhesive substance is drawn out. The idea of an aka thread or cord is closely related to the idea of a flow of mana or vital force. The root ka means a cord, and also means a vine which branches out. The vine is the symbol of mans, as is water. The astral cord is described in theosophical literature as a cord of invisible stuff which connects the spirit in one of it's thin bodies to the gross physical body when the spirit leaves it at the time of death or during a condition of trance. Not only did the kahunas believe that the viral force passed unimpeded over Aka threads, they believed that on the flow of the current there could be carried back and forth the thought forms which were clustered together to make complete messages or impressions. (nmh: Eidola, eidetic image)

Dr pagenstecher

Chapter 15 Thought form clusters flow on currents of vital force which flow along tiny threads of shadowy body material connecting two persons Secret of forcing low self of other to accept a thought form of suggestion lies in use of overpowering shock of a large charge of vital force accompanying suggestion

Phineas parkhurst quimby
I stumbled across The Grounded Garden blog (, good information on recent experiments with grounding plants. Here is a picture of some topsy-turvy'd tomato plants from my back-yard. The left-most one is about 3x as large as the others and is directly wired to the 'cosmic pipe', the middle one is indirectly wired in via a wire into the dirt from the left one, the right-one is not wired at all. In other news, the folks at BSRF have managed to post some more Eric Dollard presentations, here is one from the San Francisco Tesla Society: And another on his work on the Marconi site outside San Fran circa 1988

Monday, October 31, 2011

Electro-Culture Pipe

I made an 'Electro-Culture Pipe', following the directions from George Starr White's _Electroculture for Land and Man_. I had to substitute a narrow copper pipe (~$12) for the copper grounding rod. For the capacity at the top, instead of using a bronze or copper ball I instead made a resin+copper powder (50/50) cast in a 2" diameter silicone ball (dog toy, $1), and then bored out a 1/2" hole. The hole for the 5'6" long x 2" diameter galvanized steel pipe ($10, 'conduit') is about 5' deep. The copper rod was 10' and is about 2' deeper into the ground than the steel pipe. The copper rod is surrounded with wet sand ($4 bag) and is not in contact with the steel pipe. I wound a 14 guage insulated copper wire around the copper rod and ran that about 20 feet up to a more accessible location. At the other end of the wire I have tried a couple things. 1) Just coiling the a foot or so of bare wire around my left wrist. 2) Inserting a couple inches of bare wire into a pyramid I made from the 'N-mixture' (manganese dioxide + hardened carbon + magnetite + resin). 1) yielded a set of visceral sensations much like the 'vitic rods' (steel rod in left hand, carbon rod in right hand), sort of a 'buzzing' feeling and the sense of my pulse throughout my body and the sense of not caring to move or get up. The pyramid has yielded some more interesting results. After lying prone while holding said pyramid in my left hand for some minutes with eyes closed, I opened my eyes to the canopy of trees overhead. I saw the same 'neural discharge' pattern in the sky that I often see, but in greater clarity than typical. The discharge patterns and like bright specks that transit one of hundreds of fixed (in space) squiggle patterns over the course of 1 second or so. Also, in looking past the branches and leaves, I could see a distinct white glow (aura) around the perimeter of each tree against the blue sky.

In other news, I have recently read through Gerry Vassilatos' interview in Borderlands circa 1995, conducted by Michael Theroux entitled "On the rediscovery of vril". I wish that I had started with this document as he states a number of things quite bluntly in this document that I had to piece together elsewhere. I particular 1) his use of a very large vacuum sealed variable capacitor and variable inductor, 3' tall each in series with 1 or 2 (iron) grounds and a radionic band of variable capacitors or carbon resistors 2) that he was able to see a crystalling black radiant structure permeating space as the 'ground state' of being 3) that his experience with vril began with grasping an iron rod in a green field and that said experience grew over a period of time 4) that vril currents are 'eidetic' or visionary currents, often experienced by children. Interestingly, he describes these as more like 3 dimensional dioramas and less as 2d images. Also, and I continue to have trouble really grasping this one, he sticks to the idea that the various celestial progressions (e.g. earth around sun) are the result of distortions. The "space and counterspace" book touches on some mathematics here correlating apparent sphericities and horizontalities with progression towards various counterspace infinities, but I would be lying to say this really makes sense to me yet. Also, GSW mentions that the apparent distance between planets is akin to the appearance of a stick being refracted in a pool of water.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

More notes

I have recently read through several books by George Starr White, M.D. I find it remarkable this man who in his day sold some 7,000,000 volumes on health and diagnosed 250,000+ patients, and who innovated in so many areas does not even have a wikipedia entry.

In any case, here are the notes:

GV's _Declassified Cold War Patents_ book commentary has some discussion of Vril in sections 3.4, 3.8.

Gustav Le Bon published a third volume on the nature of radiation circa 1905 under the pseudonym "Girard le Beau" entitled _Evolution of Matter and Energy_. No hints on finding a copy.

Black rays collimated at sides of permanent magnets

Ganglier vision

Dicyanin, crookes, or deep violet lenses. Magenta lenses

Gsw (George Starr White M.D.) autobiography (My Biografy) vol 1 page 193
Grounded copper wire in hand, 1 electric light, stand against wall

Grounded plus healthy, pulse change e/w vs n/s
Unhealthy, pulse change under red light but not from change of direction

Pg 239. Vital force transmitted person to person along wet string or insulated electric conductor

Pg 240, use of colored gelatin or celluloid filters or silks as filters to facilitate diagnosis

Black cloth backdrop for seeing auras, pg 265

Dim light so only outline of person visible

Pg 267 barefoot on grounded metal plates

Page 276, chemochromatic filter, passes ultra red, blocks reflected (irritant) red

Vol 2 pg 327, zodiacal light

Page 359
Thought transfer at great distance

Page 364,365
Rithmo-lite and color generator (patented), Rithmo-duo color

372 more thought transference

Page 376
Ultra red rays, radio, eclipse

Page 459-460, atmosphere filled with life, 'refraction' of space, 'tubes' connecting millions if worlds

Finer forces page 39
Unidirectional current of nerve

Page 62
Percussion tone changes, sympathetic vagal response to direction if grounded and in darkness

Page 127 subject excitation
Facing east-west, same metal grounding plate, darkened room(s)

Page 133
Energy receiver implement
Making auric energy visible

Page 205
Inhale indicated color, exhale compliment, 4/5 ratio

Biogeometry (Back To a Future for Mankind: BioGeometry by Ibrahim Karim) page 50
Description of negative green

Page 79
Stone double grounded capacity over ley-crossing vortex
--> mounds, stepped mounds, pyramids

Page 88
Nikolai koryrev
'time waves'
Detect with piezo-electric crystals
Reflected by granate or aluminum mirrors

Kaznacheev and trofimov
Kozyrev mirror
Aluminum cylinder with person inside

(personal) Observation in park
Lines of bugs in shafts of light
Bug dance 'modulates' when I sing into it but not when I blow. Sharp high tones have more of an effect than low tones

(back to Biogeomtry)
Egyptian resonant power words

Hans Kayser, akroasis

Ernst Khaldni, shape and harmony
Hans Jenny, Cymatics

Compression waves from sun

Hartmann and Curry grid

Page 299
Physical radiesthia
Chaumery, belizal, turenne, voillaume, mermet, enel, lachovsky, baehr, Hartmann, wittmann, Schneider
Microvibrational physics
Horizontal negative green

Electroculture for land and man (George Starr White)
Page 83
Galvanized steel pipe 2" diameter into ground. Copper rod 1/2" diameter 12foot long in center, 3rd left above ground. Brass or similar bored ball at top (2" diameter). Run copper wire wind near top into home

Page 177
Unidirectional current