Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I stumbled across The Grounded Garden blog (http://groundedgarden.blogspot.com/), good information on recent experiments with grounding plants. Here is a picture of some topsy-turvy'd tomato plants from my back-yard. The left-most one is about 3x as large as the others and is directly wired to the 'cosmic pipe', the middle one is indirectly wired in via a wire into the dirt from the left one, the right-one is not wired at all. In other news, the folks at BSRF have managed to post some more Eric Dollard presentations, here is one from the San Francisco Tesla Society: http://research.borderlands.com/wiki/Eric_Dollard_-_Misconceptions_of_Electricity_(2007_SFTS_video) And another on his work on the Marconi site outside San Fran circa 1988 http://research.borderlands.com/wiki/Eric_Dollard_-_The_Tesla-Marconi_Wireless_System_(1988_video)

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  1. Eric Dollard has been writing prolifically over the last year. I have been collecting his stuff here: http://www.gestaltreality.com/energy-synthesis/eric-dollard/