Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Some other thoughts and updates: In the last handful of months I have chundered through the following on-topic books:

_Jacob Boehme: Essential Readings_, edited by Robin Waterfield

_Where Discovery Sparks Imagination: A Pictorial History of Radio and Electricity_ by John D. Jenkins

_The Chain of Life_ by W. Guyon Richards

_Neuroscience For Dummies_ by Frank Amthor (Professor, University of Alabama at Birmingham)

_Blueprint for Immortality: The Electric Patterns of Life_ by Harold Saxton Burr PhD (43 years on faculty of Yale University School of Medicine). (I have the whole thing scanned if anyone needs a copy)

_Secret Science Behind Miracles_ by Max Freedom Long (all about Huna, Aka)

_Robert Fludd: Essential Readings_, edited by William H. Huffman

_Psycheye: Self-Analytic Consciusness_ by Akhter Ahsen Ph.D., Eidetic Analysis Institute

"Eidetic: the Eidetic is a psychical visual image of unusual vividness. When this image is experienced in the mind, it is "seen" clearly like a movie image. This inner "seeing" is accompanied by pressure in the visual apparatus, and a definite change on consciousness. The eidetic image had the quality of remaining very constant, so that there is a long-term access to an important experience. The individual, being more open in this state, readily learns new emotional perspectives. Pronounced eye-DET-ic, the word is etymologically connected and associated with the Greek eidos, meaning form, and idein, meaning "to see"."


Also, here is a page on the importance of dendritic flow to life and other processes: http://www.pri.org/stories/science/recently-accepted-physics-theory-suggests-everything-that-moves-is-based-on-a-flow-system-8742.html

And here are some notes from said books, sorry about the ad hoc organization:


Borderlands 3rd q 1995 page 37
3 foot tall variable capacitor, and variable inductor +iron ground +diode and vacuum capacitor system 16mm bore Finial
Page 38 N-mixture Carbon, iron, manganese dioxide On glass or iron plate, then grounded via iron

Variable caps in series between ground and plate

Saw fixed discharge pattern, exceptionally complex, between branches in sky above me. White glow around leaves when looking past them.

Xenon light bulb


Biological communications Page 18 L George Lawrence

Felt interplanetary systems would communicate via 'eidetic imagery'


Page 666, sowilo melts inertia ______________

Secret science behind miracles Chapter 6, Page 2

Aka - shadowy Luminous extension away from the body or a halo of light around the moon or sun, or a circle of light extending from the moon or sun before it rises above the horizon. It sticks to anything we contact (even by hearing). Like touching fly paper with a finger and, when pulling finger away, a long fine thread of adhesive substance is drawn out. The idea of an aka thread or cord is closely related to the idea of a flow of mana or vital force. The root ka means a cord, and also means a vine which branches out. The vine is the symbol of mans, as is water. The astral cord is described in theosophical literature as a cord of invisible stuff which connects the spirit in one of it's thin bodies to the gross physical body when the spirit leaves it at the time of death or during a condition of trance. Not only did the kahunas believe that the viral force passed unimpeded over Aka threads, they believed that on the flow of the current there could be carried back and forth the thought forms which were clustered together to make complete messages or impressions. (nmh: Eidola, eidetic image)

Dr pagenstecher

Chapter 15 Thought form clusters flow on currents of vital force which flow along tiny threads of shadowy body material connecting two persons Secret of forcing low self of other to accept a thought form of suggestion lies in use of overpowering shock of a large charge of vital force accompanying suggestion

Phineas parkhurst quimby


  1. Out of all the books you read, which one would you recommend the most?

    Eidetic vision sounds very much what Nikola Tesla had. Are you learning to do this?

  2. Of ALL the books...hrmm, I would say that either Gerry Vassilatos' _Lost Science_ or Thompkins _Secret Life of Plants_ is the best place to start. Each are act as a sort of nexus of the most important ideas.