Monday, February 18, 2013

Od, Aura, Tesla, Eric Dollard, N-Rays

Long time, no post, but here goes.

Lots of very exciting things going on now.  We have managed to put together the overwhelming majority of Gerry Vassilatos' books and interviews and videos in a torrent ( ). We got GV's "Tesla's New York" up on the youtubes ( ) as well as his "Aura Motors" ( ).

I discovered Dean Baldwin and his Odic Energy research center and associated books ( ), which are a great resource for modern research on Reichenbach's Od.  His research echo's GVs on several fronts including the importance of direct ground contact or ferrous ground contact, the importance of a wet atmosphere for ground vril (Od) to escape the earth in concentration, the corresponding of vril phenomena with ancient sacred sites (e.g. dolmen), the close relationship between vril (Od) and consciousness (in particular of bilocational consciousness), various related atmospheric phenomena mostly as described in Corliss, the expressions of vril (Od) as tubes, spheres and, cold flames.  Very interestingly, Dean's book(s) include some pictures of aforementioned tubes.  Also, Dean describes the ability to view vril (Od) as a particular conscious state predicated upon several factors including 1) Low/no ambient photonic light, 2) an Odic POLARIZATION of the sensing instrument (e.g. eye, camera), 3) the presence of Od in concentration (e.g. at sacred site), 4) Personal biological predisposition.  Recall the prevalence of vril (Od) visual phenomena in Reichenbach's darkened room with dark-adapted vision, or within a Reich's ORAC with similarly dark-adapted vision.  (Also Blondlot and George Starr Whites low-photonic-light conditions for viewing N-Rays and the human aura, respectively) Also, GV's "Blackwaves" article in which the vril line was only visible at night, with a small incandescent light on in the foreground and a set of blinds (vetical or horizontal?) between the viewer and the vril line.  The requirement of the blinds at least conceptually supports the polarization character.  Dean also describes indications for the viewing of Od with non-retinal vision (_Eyeless Sight_  Jules Romains - I have not read this), which I mention only because GV mentions 'ganglial vision'.

Also, a tremendous volume of Eric Dollard's work has recently shown up on Facebook and YouTube in conjunction with an indiegogo fund to get Eric his most recent lab back. See .  Stay tuned, a substantial volume of texts referenced by Eric (bewley, steinmetz, jj thompson, macfarlane, etc.) and being collected and should soon be floating around the tubes.  In any case, it's really great to see Eric emerging from obscurity and again dispensing electrical wisdom.  Hopefully a couple thousand pages from now it will all make sense.

Also, discovered that Franklin Ellsworth Clarke and Marion Daye are 2 pseudonyms that GV used in the Journal of Borderland Science Research Foundation circa 1995, there are at least 3 more classic GV articles under these names.

As an aside, if you are reading this and you are aware of a way of directly viewing the vril matrix (web of wyrd, eidola, etc.), please let me know.  Especially if it works for you, even more so if it works for anyone.

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  1. To be honest if you want to see the vril matrix, psychdelics are probably your best bet. I was able to see see the underlying substrate of reality using them. For me it worked best with LSD, but everyone is different in terms of the dimensionalities they are able to perceive.

    In fact I think many people can see it, they just don't recognize it for what it is and thus the usefulness of the extra-sensory vision in terms of practical understandings is lost on them. Since you are interested in understanding this underlying energy I would recommend the Seth Material. He goes to great lengths to explain the mechanics of how the "vril matrix" works.

    See my post: