Monday, October 31, 2011

Electro-Culture Pipe

I made an 'Electro-Culture Pipe', following the directions from George Starr White's _Electroculture for Land and Man_. I had to substitute a narrow copper pipe (~$12) for the copper grounding rod. For the capacity at the top, instead of using a bronze or copper ball I instead made a resin+copper powder (50/50) cast in a 2" diameter silicone ball (dog toy, $1), and then bored out a 1/2" hole. The hole for the 5'6" long x 2" diameter galvanized steel pipe ($10, 'conduit') is about 5' deep. The copper rod was 10' and is about 2' deeper into the ground than the steel pipe. The copper rod is surrounded with wet sand ($4 bag) and is not in contact with the steel pipe. I wound a 14 guage insulated copper wire around the copper rod and ran that about 20 feet up to a more accessible location. At the other end of the wire I have tried a couple things. 1) Just coiling the a foot or so of bare wire around my left wrist. 2) Inserting a couple inches of bare wire into a pyramid I made from the 'N-mixture' (manganese dioxide + hardened carbon + magnetite + resin). 1) yielded a set of visceral sensations much like the 'vitic rods' (steel rod in left hand, carbon rod in right hand), sort of a 'buzzing' feeling and the sense of my pulse throughout my body and the sense of not caring to move or get up. The pyramid has yielded some more interesting results. After lying prone while holding said pyramid in my left hand for some minutes with eyes closed, I opened my eyes to the canopy of trees overhead. I saw the same 'neural discharge' pattern in the sky that I often see, but in greater clarity than typical. The discharge patterns and like bright specks that transit one of hundreds of fixed (in space) squiggle patterns over the course of 1 second or so. Also, in looking past the branches and leaves, I could see a distinct white glow (aura) around the perimeter of each tree against the blue sky.

In other news, I have recently read through Gerry Vassilatos' interview in Borderlands circa 1995, conducted by Michael Theroux entitled "On the rediscovery of vril". I wish that I had started with this document as he states a number of things quite bluntly in this document that I had to piece together elsewhere. I particular 1) his use of a very large vacuum sealed variable capacitor and variable inductor, 3' tall each in series with 1 or 2 (iron) grounds and a radionic band of variable capacitors or carbon resistors 2) that he was able to see a crystalling black radiant structure permeating space as the 'ground state' of being 3) that his experience with vril began with grasping an iron rod in a green field and that said experience grew over a period of time 4) that vril currents are 'eidetic' or visionary currents, often experienced by children. Interestingly, he describes these as more like 3 dimensional dioramas and less as 2d images. Also, and I continue to have trouble really grasping this one, he sticks to the idea that the various celestial progressions (e.g. earth around sun) are the result of distortions. The "space and counterspace" book touches on some mathematics here correlating apparent sphericities and horizontalities with progression towards various counterspace infinities, but I would be lying to say this really makes sense to me yet. Also, GSW mentions that the apparent distance between planets is akin to the appearance of a stick being refracted in a pool of water.


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